“I don’t do it often, but my brain is just addicted, I guess. Almost all of my friends are addicted to it. There’s nothing really to like about it, just that feeling. Everyone always has one, that’s basically it.”

– Sophomore outside Quincy High School (Patriot Ledger)

Endorsed by the Boston Globe

EDITORIAL: Time to get serious about teen vaping epidemic

“For many youth, it’s proximity and access that is going to determine their risk behavior. The unchecked growth of e-cigarettes could undo progress the Commonwealth has made in curbing nicotine addiction. The state has a chance now to take a strong stance by taxing e-cigarettes and banning flavored tobacco products.

Young People Are Stepping Up:

Meet Sarah Ryan, a former Holbrook, MA high school student who is stepping up on behalf of her generation. We are proud to partner with her to prevent youth nicotine addiction and ban the sale of flavored tobacco!

Students from across the Commonwealth hosted a press conference on July 16 to share with their legislators why they are Fighting The Flavor! After the press conference, they testified before the Public Health Committee in support of S.1279/ H.1902.

S. 1279 – An Act Regulating Flavored Tobacco Products

What we want to do:

  • Ban the sale of flavored tobacco products across the Commonwealth, limiting the sale to adult only smoking bars, such as hookah lounges
  • Limit the power companies like Juul have to target young people with fruity and sweet flavors
  • Protect our kids’ mental and physical well-being
  • Prevent youth addiction

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