As our population ages, I believe it is critical that we provide our seniors with the resources they need to continue living healthy and fulfilled lives — like safe and affordable housing, quality health care, and affordable and reliable transportation. We have an obligation to provide a continuum of housing and care for our seniors, including independent living, assisted living, and nursing care options, as well as affordable services for seniors who choose to stay in their homes.

It is also extremely important that we continue to fund programs that help our communities provide seniors with the resources they need to stay active and involved. When passing the state budget each year, I fight to increase funding for the district’s Councils on Aging.

In addition to a baseline rate increase, over the past five years I have successfully worked with House colleagues to secure funding and special legislation for a new Rockland Senior Center, grants for the improvement and expansion of the Braintree Department of Elder Affairs, and state support for a Dementia-capable community training program through the Quincy Elder Services Department.

To stay connected on these and other matters affecting seniors’ quality of life, I regularly hold office hours at Councils on Aging throughout the district, and present informational briefings at these centers on the Senior Circuit Breaker tax credit and other items of interest.

Our seniors should always have a safe, clean and accessible center to visit no matter what community they live in. As your State Senator, I will always work tirelessly for those who worked for us throughout their lives.