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July Red Line Update

As a regular Red Line commuter, I know firsthand how frustrating the commute has been the last couple of weeks. Over the years, I’ve been vocal about increasing funding for a safe, reliable and modern MBTA. Hopefully, the recent derailment now highlights for all in government the need for greater investment in our entire transportation system.

New South Shore Commuter Guide, Bus Route 238 Detour, Parking Updates

This April Red Line Update has information on the MBTA’s new South Shore Commuter Guide, a Bus Route 238 detour, parking updates at Wollaston and North Quincy, and more.

Parking Fare Reduced at Wollaston Station

The MBTA has announced that starting next week the fare to park at Wollaston Station will be reduced from $5 to $2.

North Quincy Garage and Development Station

REMINDER: The North Quincy Garage and Development Project will begin the week of February 17th!

A Red Line Update – What to expect on your commute in 2019

2018 was an extremely busy time at the State House and an even busier one for the Red Line. This newsletter outlines the most recent updates on the $911 million investment targeted to improving Red Line services and the stations in our district.