Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program (ERMA) can provide rental and mortgage assistance to low-income households who have been impacted by the crisis and may not be eligible for RAFT. Like RAFT, ERMA may provide up to $10,000 for eligible households to assist with rent or mortgage arrears accrued after April 1, 2020 and/or with upcoming rent or mortgage payments.


This program is available for households within the 50-80% range of Area Median Income (AMI).

To determine regional income levels to assess eligibility, visit: ERMA Area Median Income Information.


What documents are required when submitting an application? 

To submit a complete application for rental assistance, you must include:  

  • I.D. for the Head of Household with the full name and date of birth (For example: state issued driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport) 
  • Proof of current housing, such as a lease, tenancy agreement or a tenancy at-will form 
  • Verification of housing crisis, such as a notice of arrears or balance overdue, court summons, notice to quit, notice of eviction, or a letter from host if doubled up 
  • Verification of income 
    • You are presumed eligible if you are receiving benefits from the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) or MassHealth 
    • You can provide an income eligibility form from one of the following programs: public housing, Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8), state housing vouchers (MRVP, AHVP, DMH, or DDS), LIHEAP, subsidized childcare, or Veterans Chapter 115 
    • You can verify your annual income by submitting the 2020 Form 1040 (s), or you can verify your monthly income by two paystubs from the past 60 days, plus the your most recent benefit letters (such as social security, child support, or unemployment) 

Do I need to let my landlord know I am applying for rental assistance?  

Yes. Let your landlord know you are planning to apply, as they will need to provide the following documents in order to receive payment: 

  • W-9 for property owner or authorized agent of the property owner, like a property manager 
  • Proof of ownership for unit 

What if my landlord does not respond, or refuses to participate in the program?

If your landlord is unresponsive or refuses to participate in the program, options are available. Beginning June 28, 2021, Regional Administering Agencies (RAA) may make rent payments directly to tenants under certain circumstances. Learn more from your RAA.

Find your regional agency to apply for assistance.

Quincy residents: contact Metro Housing Boston at 617-859-0400

Abington, Braintree, Holbrook, and Rockland residents: contact NeighborWorks at 617-770-2227