S.1982An Act relative to wifi and cellular infrastructure along rail lines

This bill was filed in response to the MBTA’s controversial 2017 proposal to install hundreds of large monopoles along the Commuter Rail system in order to upgrade wi-fi service. The bill would require local approval in Quincy, Abington, Braintree, Holbrook, and Rockland before the MBTA could construct any wi-fi or cellular poles or antennae in these cities and towns.

S.2104An Act directing the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to install sound barriers in Quincy and Braintree

This bill would require the MBTA to conduct a comprehensive sound study along the Red Line Braintree branch to determine the ambient noise level. This would allow sound barriers to be installed in areas where the ambient noise level exceeds a certain threshold.

S.2103 – An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to conduct a highway noise study in Quincy

This bill would require the DOT to conduct a highway noise study along I-93 in Quincy to the Route 3 split and Washington Street Bridge to determine the ambient noise level generated by traffic on I-93.

S.1687 – An Act relative to commuter transit benefits

Federal transportation legislation increased the federal pretax commuter transit benefit offered by employers from $130 to $260 per month, but Massachusetts did not adopt this update on the state level, so will not get increased transit benefits. This bill would adopt this new increase on the state level and automatically adopt any new federal increases moving forward. Increasing the benefit to $260 a month directly benefits our commuter rail and ferry riders who pay significantly more than $130 on transit each month.