BOSTON – South Shore Regional Vocational Technical High School was recently listed among 20 Massachusetts voc-tech schools that will benefit from the $3.3 million in Skills Capital Grants funds being awarded by the state’s Executive Offices of Education, Labor and Workforce Development, and Housing and Economic Development.

The total $100,000 awarded to South Shore Voc-Tech will pay for upgrades an improvements to the equipment used by students in the school’s culinary arts program. Improvements will include additions to the school’s kitchen and student-run restaurant, which provide students training and access to industry standard equipment. Through the culinary arts program, day and evening students get the chance to explore and develop skills as entrepreneurs, cooks, and hospitality workers. Students also receive ServSafe certification training and OSHA10 for Food Service certification.

The Skills Capital Grant Program awards grants each year for the purchase and installation of equipment and related improvements and renovations necessary for installation and use of such equipment to support vocational and technical training. This equipment upgrades and expands career technical education and training programs intended to support regional economic and workforce development priorities for in-demand industries, provided that grant applications facilitate collaboration to provide students training pathways to career opportunities in high-skill, high-demand industry sectors.

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